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Invest 5 sessions in yourself, and I'll invest 1 in you for FREE!

We know that consistency & follow through are the difference between getting the results we want & staying stuck in the same place.

If you would benefit from bi-weekly support and a dedicated season of transformation.  Let’s take the next three months and really work together to address the root causes and get you in a much better place. 

Cost of 6 sessions: $100.00 per session - 1 FREE session ($100 value) = $600 $500

Duration: Each meetings is 60 minutes

What People Are Saying:

Regina is an incredibly gifted and knowledgeable healer. She is warm, genuine and more thorough than any physician I’ve been to. Having dealt with a decades long thyroid issue that medical doctors disregard, it was nice to be heard. Her recommendations and herbal additions have made a big difference in my life. By getting to know you she is able to offer multiple options for healing and your overall health plus tools to take charge of your own health.


Highly recommended for a wellness consultation. The intake form was the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen physically, emotionally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually checking in on all levels. ...A dope ass herbalist with great skills and realness that’s hard to find. One of the most comprehensive and lifestyle altering consultations I’ve had on my healing path. Regina is the real deal.


For me, the biggest thing was the individualization of whatever she offered. I never felt as if she was providing me with a one size fits all kind of deal, but that she was truly taking the time to hear my individual story and producing something unique to match. Also, I never felt as if she were trying to offer a quick fix solution, she was always real like this is going to take work (on my part) and time. I was just literally at a space in time where I felt defeated with physical and mental health issues and something drew me to her. I think I expected it to be more of the same as what I have experienced with doctors or nutritionists. While she did offer recommendations in terms of the types of foods I should eat, it was from more of a nourishing point of view. She explained the benefits of eating certain things based on my energy and current state of being. She also explained why my body craved certain foods or activities and things I could do to counteract those behaviors (e.g., meditation). All in all it was a breath of fresh air, and I felt heard and supported.


Soon after that first workshop, I signed up for a one-on-one consultation that was truly life transforming. I felt that Regina paid close attention to what I had shared in writing and during our consultation, and perceived my health needs and physical/spiritual/mental well-being on a deeper and truer level than any health care provider I had previously consulted with, in a holistic way that was deeply grounded in her Ayurveda training. Afterwards, she provided a personalized care pathway along with herbs from her apothecary that were exactly what I needed to start with new confidence on my own healing journey from past and current trauma. Months later, I still enjoy my daily morning routine of warm lemon water and breakfast of apple sauteed in cinnamon and ghee, I use In Her It Blooms' herbal tinctures and teas daily, and feel so much more grounded and at ease, as a result.


For me, seeking In Her It Blooms out was about realizing that everything I was feeling physically, spiritually, and emotionally was all connected. While there have been ways to treat the seemingly disparate symptoms with pharmaceuticals and surgeries, I knew that none of these options would address the root issues. From an Aruyvedic lense, everything I was experiencing was linked, and Regina walked me through the history of these practices, and the ways in which I could address these issues from a whole-being perspective. I was stunned by the amount of work and thought went into the protocol she built for me. It was so beyond what I was expecting. Especially important to me is that Regina has studied these practices from authentic indigenous sources and so the knowledge I'm getting from her is not mediated through white supremacy, but rooted in ancient healing knowledge.