Imagine knowing the language of your body.  Imagine feeling the way it would feel to truly know how to take care of your body so that you really felt good in your own skin, happy to be you, at this moment, living the life you came here to live.  Imagine being the clearest articulation of yourself to date-confident, radiant and abundant.  

In a world of quick fixes, there are people are teaching you to treat the divine like an ATM (just ask the universe a million times for what you want).  There are so many others who are eager to be called “healers” and they create dependent relationships where you always be in need of something else outside of you. Oh and guess what?  They've got it for sale!

I want you to side step all of this.  

Anyone whose truly done the work knows it can’t be distilled down and there is no easy version. This is a journey.  And hard work is required.  But we can go together so you don't have to do this alone.  I can offer guidance so you don’t stay stuck and so your body doesn’t stay illegible to you.  

The Chrysalis allows us to create an intentional community focused on our own and our collective healing.   This format allows me to show you how to decipher what your body is telling you and give you the tools to respond, so you always know how to care for yourself.  Nothing else is sustainable. 

Join us for an incredibly revealing and transformative 3 month intensive class + coaching.  Start feeling better and moving towards the best version of you to incarnate in this lifetime yet!

12 weeks

The Chrysalis is a 12 week Small Group Coaching program and wellness course where you learn to be your own healer and address the underlying health issues that have been holding you back. Enrollment is only open twice per year and seating is limited. Sign-up to be notified first when enrollment opens.

Community Ayurveda Chrysalis

-3 Month Group Class & Coaching-

The Community Ayurveda Chrysalis is for folks with health imbalances that are chronic (have been in the body for more than three months).

These may include digestive disorders, menstrual issues, metabolic conditions, low energy, stress & burn out, mood swings, etc).

The area of health is announced ahead of time and rotates each season. 

The Community Ayurveda Chrysalis is intended to be a container for a small community of folks who are serious about working on a specific health challenge to come together and address their health challenges in the community.

We will understand our specific root causes of imbalance and then chart a course to address these root causes whether the work is physical, psycho-spiritual, emotional or most likely--all three. 

Healing is non-linear, so in many ways learning to be your own healer and how to care for your condition is the most sustainable way to approach healing.

In the Chrysalis you have direct access to me and to a community whose on the same journey as you. You will get the best of my consultation services, along with support via Marco Polo for when questions arise between sessions. And best of all you have other folks (our reflections) to ask questions, learn from, explore with and to be in community with.

Restore Balance

Do you experience  any of the following?

  • tiered in the morning, brain fog, forgetful
  • wake up in the night to pee
  • hormonal issues
  • gaining weight (stress eating or are unable to take weight off)
  • dryness in the body (skin, hair, etc)
  • nervous system issues, anxiety
  • easily disturbed by loud noises 
  • obsessive thinking or unable to shut mind off (overactive thinking)
  • acne around the chin, neck area
  • excess weight in the belly area 

Down for

Because beloved, rest is also apart of growth

This Chrysalis welcomes the  burnt out, energetically depleted (fatigue) and those with metabolic disorders.  This may manifest in fatigue, anxiety, inability to lose weight,  those having trouble getting or staying asleep, overactive dreams, insomnia, high cholesterol or prediabetic conditions. 

Community Ayurveda Include

  • 12 weekly group sessions
  • Intake questionnaire
  • 60 minute holistic Intake session
  • Personalize protocol
  • 3x 30 minute progress session to celebrate your progress, finetune your protocol and clarify next steps
  • Marco Polo (Video messaging) support
  • 3 month access to the online membership site
  • Access to the seasonal Ayurvedic Cleanse
  • 20% off the apothecary herbal remedies

Save your seat!  Spots are limited each season to keep the space dynamic & personal.

1 x Payment


Billed when you purchase

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4 x Payments


You will be charged the first payment today, and then 3 monthly payments on the first of the month Sept-November.

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