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I show you how with lifestyle changes, ancestral practices, plants and equal parts ritual & reverence. 

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Life under capitalism is unnatural. We are often exploited because of the demands we face and the internalized hustle culture we bought into long ago. If you already know "this can't be life, there's gotta be more" :: Mobb Deep voice :: then this online community apothecary space is the site of and catalyst for transformation & liberation -yours, mine and ours collectively.

Are you looking to feel good in your body?

Deep down do you know that something is off in your body and requires your attention? 
Are you trying to crack the code that will have you feeling happy, healthy, whole and even holy in your body?

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Learn to use the natural rhythms of the day to remedy imbalance in the body, prevent illness, improve your mental states and amplify the projects you are working on. Modern science calls it chronobiology.  Our elders will call it common sense.   Ayurveda has called it dinacharya (or the science of aligning your day to the natural rhythms of the day) and it is said to be the most potent preventative ‘medicines’ available to us all.  Learn the 5000 year old technique that is at the core of living well.

You know you’re in the right place if:

You want to learn the language of your body and to be your own healer.

You want the support of a guide or community to be the container for your own healing work.

Deep down you know that real healing happens through shifting our relationship with ourselves and the world around us.



Regina Kankinza

- Ayurvedic Practitioner & Spiritual Herbalist -

Hey y’all,  I am Regina Kankinza, a community activist turned womxn’s wellness practitioner.  I help womxn approach their health as a spiritual practice with ritual and reverence. My role is to help you learn to speak the same language as your body so you can make adjustments when she’s whispering rather than yelling.  I love sharing Ayurvedic wellness with you because I know the embodied experience of learning to heal yourself is transformative.  I look at disease as an initiatory process on the way to wholeness.  I believe knowing your power and feeling your absolute most radiant and rooted is part of the path to our collective liberation. I offer you my embodied, learned and intuitive knowledge so you can experience being your own healer.  In the end you will not be foreign to yourself, you will speak the same language as your body, you will be her own guide and a light to others. 

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In Ayurveda you are only considered healthy when you:

know the truth of who you are
have balanced energetics (doshas)
have balanced digestive, metabolic & enzymatic functioning (agni)
have properly formed tissues(dhatus),
the body is eliminating malas (waste),
have well functioning bodily processes
have mind, soul and senses that are happy.

sama dosah samagnis ca sama
dhatu mala kriyah prasannatmendriya
manah svastha ityabhihiyate
(Sushruta Samhita, 15.38)



The Chrysalis

12 weeks

The Chrysalis is a 12 week intensive group coaching program and wellness course where you learn to be your own healer and address the underlying health issues that have been holding you back. Enrollment is only open twice per year and seating is limited. Sign-up to be notified first when enrollment opens.

See what others are saying: 

For me, seeking In Her It Blooms out was about realizing that everything I was feeling physically, spiritually, and emotionally was all connected. While there have been ways to treat the seemingly disparate symptoms with pharmaceuticals and surgeries, I knew that none of these options would address the root issues. From an Aruyvedic lense, everything I was experiencing was linked, and Regina walked me through the history of these practices, and the ways in which I could address these issues from a whole-being perspective. I was stunned by the amount of work and thought went into the protocol she built for me. It was so beyond what I was expecting. Especially important to me is that Regina has studied these practices from authentic indigenous sources and so the knowledge I'm getting from her is not mediated through white supremacy, but rooted in ancient healing knowledge.


Highly recommended for a wellness consultation.  The intake form was the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen physically, emotionally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually checking in on all levels. ...A dope ass herbalist with great skills and realness that’s hard to find. One of the most comprehensive and lifestyle altering consultations I’ve had on my healing path.  Regina is the real deal. 


Regina is an incredibly gifted and knowledgeable healer. She is warm, genuine and more thorough than any physician I’ve been to. Having dealt with a decades long thyroid issue that medical doctors disregard, it was nice to be heard. Her recommendations and herbal additions have made a big difference in my life.   By getting to know you she is able to offer multiple options for healing and your overall health plus tools to take charge of your own health.


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