You are not alone.

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Some healing journey's are meant for you to go alone.  But don't go without a guide.   

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Illness is our invitation to change our relationships. Namely, the relationships we have with ourselves, others, the world around us, our blood lines and our karma.

I use the 5,000 year old technology of Ayurveda to understand how imbalance is showing up in your body.  I combine this with a Vitalist Herbalist approach to prepare a custom herbal protocol for you. In real life this means I focus on lifestyle, herbs that match your body type, support you to align with your purpose, connect with the natural world and to treat your healing journey as a spiritual journey.

I show you what you need to do and will walk with you every step of the way until you’re back home in your body.  The only thing you need to decide is, would you be better served by working with me one-on-one or in community with other women.

I offer Supported Self Care.

This means after we meet to discuss your wellness goals, I connect you with plant allies, craft custom herbal blends, and equip you with a full wellness protocol according to your Ayurvedic body type and the imbalances (dosha) you are experiencing. Your wellness protocol is tailored to your lifestyle and personal interest but can include a combination of diet, herbs, lifestyle, movement, breath-work, meditation, and with other health-supportive technologies that will energize your body, so your body can heal itself.


Ahead of our first meeting, you fill out an intake form which helps me understand the specific health challenges you are facing so we can use our face-to-face time efficiently.

Let’s talk.

During our 60 minute virtual consultation, we go more in depth about your health history and I will do an Ayurvedic physical examination. The consultation is when we can also see how your inner world (mind) and outer world (lifestyle, karma, habits, shaddows) are also showing up in the body. This is our time to talk and get to an understanding of the root causes of your health challenges and discuss options for eliminating imbalance in the body.

Take Action.

After your consultation I will send you your wellness protocol that includes diet, herbs, lifestyle modifications, movement and mediations to energize your body so it can heal itself.


Two weeks after our consultation, a 15 minute check-in is included to make sure everything is going well.  I make myself available to answer any questions that might have come up as you begin your process.

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Supported Self Care Includes:

  • Holistic intake of your health history & wellness goals
  • 60 minute consultation (virtual)
  • Comprehensive Wellness Protocol with personalized recommendations just for you 
  • 15 minute follow-up to check in on the protocol, progress and creating actionable next steps
  • 50% off the apothecary herbal remedies & custom blends   
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Supported Self Care Wellness Consultations:

This is an a-la carte option and is best as a first meeting or for individuals who are looking to build a self care practice, learn preventative wellness routines and address the root causes of their health challenges.  As a stand-alone meeting, this option works best for folks who are self-directed, motivated and that can take a plan and make it actionable.

If you know that at this time you need ongoing support, are not self-starting, find it hard to plan or stick to a plan, please plan to book follow-ups on a schedule that makes sense for you.  You reaching your wellness goals is hinged on creating the conditions for curating lifestyle changes that stick with you and that are sustainable given real world demands.  Wellness coaching can help you overcome the inertia and uncertainty and get you on the right path to feeling like yourself again more quickly and efficiently. 

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Need more support?  We got you.

Complex medical histories and chronic illness require a lot more care and time.  If this is you, we invite you to plan on meeting several times.  We will walk with you as long as it takes.  Together we can break down your wellness goals and work on each one methodically.

When we aren’t feeling well we need to rely on people who can support us even when we don’t have the capacity to self start and our motivation may wax and wane.  I’ve been there.   I’m quick to hire a practitioner who I know can help get me going and keep me on track when I need it.  The information, direction and accountability are invaluable to sidestepping the obstacles that can pop up and delay our glow up.

Vata’s and Kapha’s in particular will benefit from additional supported self-care since vata’s struggle with consistency and Kapha’s struggle with getting started.

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Make the commitment to yourself and invest in 5 sessions and I’ll invest 1 session in you free! : 
6 sessions are bi-weekly for a 3 month time period.  

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Initial Consultation: Supported Self Care


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  • In-depth Intake 
  • 60 min consultation (google meet)
  • Personalized Wellness Protocol 
  • 30 minute follow up after 2 weeks, to answer any questions or make quick adjustments.
  • 50% off herbs in the apothecary
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Follow Up Consultation X 1


Health is dynamic. Got questions after you get started?

  • 60 minute follow up consultation
  • Ask follow up questions & get clarity
  • Make adjustments to your protocol
  • Work according to where your body is at
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A Season of Transformation: Follow up session x 6


Best value!

  • Invest 5 sessions in yourself & I invest 1 session in you! ($900 value, $150 savings)
  • 3 months of bi weekly support (6 sessions)
  • Root cause & symptom charting (metric-based approach)
  • Make adjustments as your body adjusts to the protocol
  • Get more body awareness
  • Move confidently towards your wellness goals
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See what others are saying: 

For me, seeking In Her It Blooms out was about realizing that everything I was feeling physically, spiritually, and emotionally was all connected. While there have been ways to treat the seemingly disparate symptoms with pharmaceuticals and surgeries, I knew that none of these options would address the root issues. From an Aruyvedic lense, everything I was experiencing was linked, and Regina walked me through the history of these practices, and the ways in which I could address these issues from a whole-being perspective. I was stunned by the amount of work and thought went into the protocol she built for me. It was so beyond what I was expecting. Especially important to me is that Regina has studied these practices from authentic indigenous sources and so the knowledge I'm getting from her is not mediated through white supremacy, but rooted in ancient healing knowledge.


Soon after that first workshop, I signed up for a one-on-one consultation that was truly life transforming. I felt that Regina paid close attention to what I had shared in writing and during our consultation, and perceived my health needs and physical/spiritual/mental well-being on a deeper and truer level than any health care provider I had previously consulted with, in a holistic way that was deeply grounded in her Ayurveda training. Afterwards, she provided a personalized care pathway along with herbs from her apothecary that were exactly what I needed to start with new confidence on my own healing journey from past and current trauma. Months later, I still enjoy my daily morning routine of warm lemon water and breakfast of apple sauteed in cinnamon and ghee, I use In Her It Blooms' herbal tinctures and teas daily, and feel so much more grounded and at ease, as a result.


For me, the biggest thing was the individualization of whatever she offered. I never felt as if she was providing me with a one size fits all kind of deal, but that she was truly taking the time to hear my individual story and producing something unique to match. Also, I never felt as if she were trying to offer a quick fix solution, she was always real like this is going to take work (on my part) and time. I was just literally at a space in time where I felt defeated with physical and mental health issues and something drew me to her. I think I expected it to be more of the same as what I have experienced with doctors or nutritionists. While she did offer recommendations in terms of the types of foods I should eat, it was from more of a nourishing point of view. She explained the benefits of eating certain things based on my energy and current state of being. She also explained why my body craved certain foods or activities and things I could do to counteract those behaviors (e.g., meditation). All in all it was a breath of fresh air, and I felt heard and supported.

I was my biggest weight, was starting to have knee pain and was working a very stressful and demanding job. I wanted to create space and focus on my health from a place of love, not insecurities. I was at 193 lbs I am down to 170, which is my goal weight. I gained reliable tools and knowledge that created a lifestyle change. My written protocol and our one-on-one sessions. I developed an understanding of my body and strengthen my communication with myself on all levels, which helps me continue to grow towards deeper goals. I interviewed three people and felt the most understood by Regina. It was really important for me to create change healthily. When it comes to physical health, sometimes this journey can create worse insecurities than when we started. I wanted to focus on myself as a whole picture. Not just on how my body looked.