The Apothecary

In Her It Blooms makes small-batch handcrafted herbal preparations.
The inspiration for blends comes from nature, the whispers of my ancestors, or my ori—divine intuition. The batches are intentionally kept small and change frequently based on divine assignment and changes of the season.
If you see something you're interested in, grab it. It won’t be here long.


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I have enjoyed In Her It Bloom's tinctures (sleep/skullcap; bitters; mushroom immunity; boundaries enforced and lymph of the goddesses oxymel) and am currently enjoying the customized tea blend. I would recommend all of these (the lymph of the goddesses oxymel is esp delightful as it tastes like pure Spring sunshine and joy!). The customized tea blend is EXACTLY what I have needed - and more than even a friend's urging to rest, or IG posts by The Nap Ministry (as wonderful as those are), it is this tea blend from In Her It Blooms - with the personalized affirmation written by Regina on the container - that persuades me to actually pause, brew a cup of this tea, sit down and practice self-care, sipping the tea and just looking out the window, feeling at ease.


I use the annointing oil for everything and I literally feel sooooo grounded. I use it to anoint my body every rising and night in my baths, to mop my floors, I sprinkle a few drops in my yoni steams, I massage my scalp, cover the bottom of my feet when I leave the house--basically everything, lol. My husband told me to keep using it because I have been so grounded and calm I’m kinda scaring myself, lol.

Las Vegas

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Please note orders are typically shipped 7-10 days from when an order is placed. I am a one woman show at the moment so your understanding is appreciated.  If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase or in the event that your order arrives damaged, I am happy to try to replace it or offer a full refund.  Please email me at [email protected] if you need to contact me about an order.  

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