Mutual Aid


Support black folks, indigenous folks, queer and trans folks of color to have access to wellness services by purchasing part of  or a whole consultation.  

This offering supports folks getting the wellness support they need  who might otherwise not be able to access wellness services due to finances and/or due to the embedded racism that exists in our medical industrial complex.  This same medical industrial complex  has profited off the technology, collective wisdom, herbs, tools, strategies and bodies of black and brown herbalist, agricultural specialist, doulas, midwives, environmentalist and other stewards of the land and keepers of tradition.  At the same time, the medical industrial complex has never provided equal quality of services and has relied on non-consensual experimentation of these same black and brown bodies.  The mortality rate of black birthing persons is abominable and continues to rise.  COVID-19 exposed the underlying health risks that have systematically eroded the health of our communities as well as the lack of care black and brown people can expect to receive when they visit hospitals around the country.  

Your contribution makes it possible to offer ultra low cost consultations on a sustainable and ongoing basis for folks who need it. These consultations are about care but they are also about  preserving our cultural ways of working with plants and supporting each other's health.You can buy portions of a consultation or for example, if you wanted to donate a full consultation $300 dollars.

Herbal Reparations participants pay $100 to make their own investment in the services and in their health.  The $200 from the Herbal Reparations fund helps the participant arrive at the full cost of a consultation.

We’re grateful for those of you who are able to give in any denomination.


Got herbs? You can also make an in-kind donation of bulk herbs or menstruum, you can also contact me [email protected] to set up those donations. Herbs may be donated to bipoc members of the Herbal Artist Network, a national network of herbal artist who are supporting their communities with wellness information and services.  If you have herbs you wish to donate, I will try to connect you with a local herbal artist so we build with folks who might be in our area.  I've already connected a number of growers and herbal artist in a variety of states.  Reach out if you want to participate.  

Thank you for contributing to herbal reparations!  

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Are you doing social justice work and can’t afford a wellness consultation?

We got you.

In Herbal Reparations, Herbal Wellness Consultations are deeply discounted for black, indigenous and queer folks of color who are doing work to support our communities on the frontlines of any of the various sites of struggle.  These consultations are about sustaining our social movements by sustaining the people in our movements.  If that is you, please let us also care for you.  We ask that you pay $100 dollars to mark your investment in your own wellness and our community gives you the rest ($200) so you can take advantage of the full wellness services available to you through a wellness consultation.  Your wellness is related to the health of our social change work so please believe we’re happy to invest in you.

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