Posted on Jun 20, 2020
In Her It Blooms
Opening Prayer

Image description: The red clay plateau of Mwinilunga, Zambia (1985).  My natal land, the tree where my umbilical cord is buried & the house my father built.

We start by giving thanks for Mama Earth.  Mama earth is the one that holds us up, never lets us down, feeds us, heals us, houses us, holds all our memories, and is quite literally the transmuted remains of all of our ancestors and the civilizations who have come before us.  We also give thanks for Father Sky.  Father Sky always covers us, creates the conditions for our very existence, and nourishes every being on the planet with sun, water, and air.  Every one of my ancestors has walked on this earth and under this sky.  That knowledge both grounds me and reminds me just how expansive we all are. We give thanks to the elements, the plants, and all the ancestors who work with us and through us, even now 


We remember.  And what was lost, our ancestors guide us to bring forth anew through the divine act of co-creation.  In Her It Blooms is an online community apothecary where we collectively remember and practice our ancestral ways of healing.  The cultural knowledge we exchange, preserve and co-create with our ancestors is the foundation for producing new cultural knowledge.  We will be the ancestors one day, so we weave a thread that links us, all those who have come before us, and those who have not yet arrived in this earthly realm.

Reclaiming our healing practices subverts the ongoing harm done by the medical industrial complex to women and Black, Indigenous, Latinx and Asian bodies.  It has become dangerous to not know how to care for our bodies and to give up our knowledge to institutions who have historically not served us and instead used our bodies, knowledge, and technology to advance science without our consent, recognition, or even regard for our lives.  There are many worthy social justice frontiers, and we’ve chosen to take up space here in the nexus of healing justice and cultural preservation.

So, let's not call this alternative medicine.  In Her It Blooms is your first stop, at the first sign, when you sense the whispers of imbalances, so your body doesn’t have to yell.  And if she is already yelling, we’ll get her just what she needs.  In Her It Blooms is where we come to remind ourselves of the divine intelligence that organizes our body-mind-spirit complex.  In Her It Blooms is where you come when you're ready to be your own healer. 

If you haven't already learn more about us and our ways of working.  And if you interested in deepening your own self-healing practices, check out our offerings to support you in that sacred work.  

Be blessed & a blessing,

Regina Kankinza